Work Zone is now seeking investment of $ 10 Million to Expand HRM System through out the world.  This investment will acquire 40% of the new company which will be based in Pune, India. 60% of the company will be owned and managed by Epenh Co. Ltd. This Prospectus will be close by the end of August 2020.

This Investment will be used to Expand the HRM Business in Asia (ASEAN); India and Africa.

The Aim is the following Cliental by the end of September 2021.

WorkZone Plus:                100,000 Organisations’

Work Zone Pro:                10,000 Organisations’

Work Zone HR ERP:          1,000 Organisations

HR Analytics:                   200 Organisations.

Based on the Calculations and on the SAS Model – Work Zone Estimates to Earn between $ 1,000,000 to $ 1,200,000 Monthly and the net profit to be in the region of $ 700,000 to $ 800,000.

At this Stage the Company will be listed either on Nasdaq or on the Heng Seng Exchange. The Valuation of the Company is estimated to be about $ 200 Million.

This would return an investment group at least a 4 to 5-fold return on Investment.

(All Calculation in US Dollars).

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