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Free Version
  • Check In / Check Out
  • Apply For Leave
  • Check Attendance
  • Company Notification
  • Leave Approval By System
  • Check In / Check Out Location Map
  • Check In / Check Out Photo
  • HR Management
  • Download Apply Attendance Record
  • GEO Fencing
  • *HR Admin App
  • **Term and Condition All Apply

WorkZone- ERP

Subject To Requirement
  • Min 200 Employee
  • ERP HRM Software
  • Employee Profile
  • Employee Careers
  • KPI
  • Recruitment
  • Linked to Pro Version
  • Worksheet
  • Payroll
  • Leave Review
  • And More
  • **Term and Condition All Apply

** Terms and conditions apply.

**  Free Time Attendance application has local promotions and advertising on the applications which sustains the development, maintenance and cloud hosting of this application for your organisation. If you want to disable this feature and manage this yourself please let us know. There is a small fee of 50 us cents per employee per month for this feature to be switch off or your organisation can manage it.

** Along with this application is a HR Admin App that shows the HR Admin the Check-in and Check-out time for each employee. A small monthly fee is required for this application.


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Download Availability On 1st July 2020