HR Admin App

HR Admin app is a limited version of the Web Platform and it give an organisation HR administrator a mobile tool to manage HR. It’s a low cost solution for HR Admin to track employees at work.

WorkZone Admin

Employee Presence

The HR Administrator can check which employee has come to work on a particular day or live time. Employer will know If an employee is in the office or not at any given time. There is also geo location which can let the employer know where the employee has signed in.

Employee Absence

The HR Administrator knows at any given day which employee are not at work and can decided the required action. The System shows all employees who are not at work on a particular day.


This application can also be customised according to the requirements of the organisation.

Employee Leave

HR admin can check all leave applications on the App. The HR admin can also approve leave or not approve leave based on what the policies of the organisations. This help an organisation to better manage its leave process, specially leave like half day, sick leave and emergency family leave.

Employee Directory

Employee Directory enables the HR Admin to get in touch with any Employee in his organisation. This enables the HR Admin to communicate efficiently with an Organisations HR.

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