Employee can see and review their payslip on their smart phones. This enables employees to check their payroll and can notify HR of any issues. This also save printing cost to an organisation as everything is now electronic in the app.


Employers can now track important employee documents which will have expiry date or time. Date Notification can also be added. Employers now know when and what action to take when a document expires. This is very helpful for Employees who have license and immigration requirements or needs. HR Document management is a key requirement in HR Administration.



Employee handbook enables an organisation to communicates the mission, policies and expectations of an employee when at work. Employees know their rights and responsibilities and what is expected of them when they’re employed with the organisation. Employee handbook is a policy document of your organisation.


This function is very important feature because it tells an employee when he has to work. The Shift schedule can be created and downloaded into the system and can give instant access to an Employee Shift. Also work tasks can be added to the shifts enabling supervisors and managers to engage employee accordingly.

WorkZone Pro

WorkZone Pro has all the features of WorkZonePlus and more. It is a key app for organisation who want increase engagement between employee and employers. The backend is also a Lite Version to manage HR Requirements of any organisation and therefore a value for money solution. Listed below are the features. 

  • Pay Slips
  • Shift Scheduler
  • Public Holidays
  • Leave Bank
  • Employee Store
  • Employee Careers
  • Company Policy
  • Employee Job Description 
  • Employee Points
  • Employee Hand Book
  • Employee Complaints
  • Employee Training
  • Employee Notification
  • Employee Document Management

These are some of the advantages

  1. Employees can use their smart phone to capture data to check in or checkout which is a personal experience and this information is capture directly in the HR System or Work Zone Backend live time. Compared to Time Attendance machines which need complex networking and maintenance to manage it which cost an organisation time and money. This is a more efficient way of managing Human Resources and its simple and economical to use.
  2. The HR Department has all the records and can see when an employee checks in and check out and has GEO Location and GEO fencing. With Photo authentication enable a fool proof capture of time attendance data at any location and at any time. This enables organisations to ring fence their sign in locations which is a real help to managing location based checkin or checkout.
  3. Employees can request leave and HR Admin can approve or disapprove leave as per the requirements of an organisation. This enables an organisation to manage leave request.
  4. Employees can review their attendance in the app. The employee and HR Admin knows when they check in and checked out in the company on a daily basis or period. This makes it easy to solve issue regarding time attendance and time sheet record keeping which is required to calculate payroll.
  5. Employers can review staff records of Leave and Absentees over a certain period and can use this information to monitor HR activity.
  6. HR Admin can also send notifications and announcements to all staff as and when required.


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